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First Days With Students – Planting Seeds

The first days of school is a big day for the students…it’s also a vital day for you as their teacher. The impression you leave on your students on that first day sets the tone for the year.

At my school, the first days are HUGE for my little 6th graders. Our school houses grade 6th through 8th so my kiddos are the babies.

They have to adjust to having six different teachers, using lockers, transitioning between classes, and facing the very scary upperclassmen.

In addition, we have new 6th graders coming to us from THREE different feeder schools!

New school. New teachers. New peers.

My students are usually terrified.

Grab Your Seeds

With all this in mind, you can see why it is SO extremely important for me to have things prepped, organized, and ready-to-go come those first days. Students feel more at ease in a new setting where things are structured, comfortable, and secure. It calms their nerves and allows them to enjoy this very exciting milestone in their lives!

In doing so, you will also set out on the path to achieving another valuable facet in your classroom – growing a strong, respectful classroom community. Ultimately, the first days with your students are about planting seeds.

Seeds of security, structure, respect, confidence…plant and nurture those seeds on the first day and your classroom garden will be blooming in no time!

What kind of seeds to do hope to plant those first days? What can you do to nurture your new students’ growth from the very beginning?